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Release your inner carpet lover

Deep down, we all have a desire for the luxurious underfoot softness that only carpet flooring can give. Depending on the fiber choice, some are softer than even our imaginations would allow us to believe. You’ll also get an extensive array of options for appearance, with many solid colors, patterns, and designs to match any decor. What’s more, some manufacturers have even made sure it’s one of the most durable floor coverings you’ve ever experienced as well. With a whole package approach like this, we think it’s definitely worth looking into further.

Quality Floors offers a friendly, no-hassle shopping experience assisted by a professional team of staff members. You’ll even get to discuss your project with the designers and installers who can help you bring your goals to life. We proudly serve West Plains and Howell Counties from our West Plains, MO showroom floor where you’ll find a comprehensive selection of high-quality flooring materials.

Stop in today and speak with one of our staff members who can help match you to the perfect flooring and get you set up with all the services you need to make your dreams a reality.

Kids playing on a balancing board in their beautifully carpeted bedroom

Carpet really doesn't need an introduction

Odds are, you’ve experienced carpet at least once in your life. So you already know how gorgeous and functional it is in a variety of spaces in your home. What makes it even more captivating in today’s market are the newer attributes the material carries. For instance, you can find options that are “greener” and more eco-friendly, as well as materials that have new benefits that weren’t possible years ago.

One of those benefits includes unbeatable stain protection. Manufacturers have listened to the appeals from customers who asked, and they delivered. Building stain resistance right into the carpet fibers themselves, you’ll find stains no longer soak in and become permanent. In some cases, you can even blot red wine away as if it were never there. Cleaning becomes so much easier, and you’re likely to never see your floors get dingy. Odor protection often goes hand in hand with this, making the material more appealing than ever.

If you’re considering installing your own carpet, we advise speaking to one of our professional installers first. The job can be very complicated for anyone not well experienced in the task. Not only are special tools necessary, but so is a great deal of experience, especially if stairs are involved.

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